Preventive Maintenance

Format has been a term maintenance contractor to many facility managers and building owners, making sure that we identify any small faults before they turn into expensive emergencies. Our goal is to protect and preserve your ACMV system investments. 

Preventive maintenance has proved to be the best form of defence. In the long run, you save money because your equipment runs at maximum efficiency and surpasses industry lifespan for replacement. Preventive maintenance is more than a peace of mind, it assures that your system will operate safely and dependable throughout the years.

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B. Cooling Tower Maintenance and Repair Services

C. AHU Maintenance and Repair Services

ACMV Preventive Maintenance Benefits

Chances are you wouldn’t drive your car for 30,000 miles without getting an oil change; you’d be asking for trouble. This is also valid for ACMV systems. Here are ways your ACMV system will thank you for the tune up:

1. Energy Savings: ACMV systems are the largest consumer of building energy and preventive maintenance helps ensure that your ACMV system runs at close to maximum efficiency. This can mean savings of up to 30% on your energy bill (according to the U.S. Department of Energy).

2. Prolong Life Expectancy: Commercial ACMV systems are typically one of the most expensive equipments of your building and you want the longest life possible out of them. Regularly scheduled maintenance helps preserve the quality of the system. It enables your ACMV system to run at peak efficiency for as long as possible, without the need to spend big bucks on new ACMV systems anytime soon. 

3. Healthy Air Quality: Research has shown that air indoor can be five times more polluted than air outdoors. Though we are not aware, we share our air with a variety of particles that we rather not breathe. These common allergen ranges from ordinary dust to dust mites, pollen and mould. Regular maintenance ensures that air passing through equipments are as clean as possible. 

4. Eliminate Expensive Downtime: An efficient ACMV system is a business jeopardy which can lead to costly downtime. Some technical failures might even force your business to shut down entirely, leaving you vulnerable to costly repairs. Preventive maintenance put the brakes on these issues before they turn into expensive emergencies. 

5. Support When You Need It: Resolve indoor air quality problems, diagnose technical issues, modify ACMV capacity with out comprehensive engineering support. And, in any case of ACMV emergencies, Format responds to them within four hours or less. 

ACMV preventive maintenance should be more than a filter change. We devise comprehensive preventive maintenance plants to maximise the life of your ACMV equipments and keep them running at their best performance for the longest time to come. 

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ACMV Preventive Maintenance Plan

At Format, we design preventive maintenance plans suited to your building’s needs. To give you an idea of how we conduct our maintenance, below are some of the services we cover in our maintenance plan:

1. Scheduled Checks: At Format, our preventive maintenance solutions include scheduled checks and maintenance services according to the original manufacturer specifications and based on our experience and expertise built over the years.

2. Air Filter Replacement: Format’s preventive maintenance plans includes the changing of air filters of type and efficiency most fitting to your ACMV equipments. 

3. ACMV Repair and Parts Replacement: Our technicians are inter-disciplinary trained to recognise potential issues and present the right remedy for repair before they cause unintended breakdown.

4. Emergency Call Response: Under preventive maintenance plan, our technicians are ready for you 24/7. They will be posted on-site within 4 hours to your site, even during peak hours. 

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